Mar. 20th, 2010

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Been so damn nice out lately it seems like a hell of a shame to stay inside. Guess it's a good thing that vacation of Pyro's necessitated a little grill session earlier. I left a couple of packets of leftovers in the common room fridge in case you all want some—s'pose I figured the smell'd carry 'n attract more people than it did, so there's quite a bit left over. Nothin' fancy, jus' hot dogs 'n hamburgers—figured everything'll be plenty fancy enough over where Py's goin' anyway.

I gotta ask—anybody seen Sniper lately? I ain't heard or seen a whiff of him for days, 'n I just headed up to the loft to find the place about as barren as it gets. Guess he went on a walk or somethin'—come to think of it, I ain't heard those coyotes of his barkin' either. Shit.

I'd like to think I'm above stealin' a fellow's truck while he ain't around to say so, but 'f anybody else's got some other way into town, I'd love to hear tell of it. Startin' to get down to the wire here. 'Bout ready to stick a saddle on the cat.

[EDIT: And 'fore you all start gettin' any smart ideas about that chopper of Demo's, that ain't an option, either. Damn near forgot about him askin' me to fix the thing, 'n here it looks like he went 'n got himself in trouble with the administration 'fore I could get to it. 'Sides, I checked it out earlier, 'n I can't seem to find the parts I'd need to fix the ol' warbird without lookin' outta state. S'an awful shame; for a military vehicle, she sure had a hell of a smooth ride. Not much more'n a hunk of junk now.]
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... Well, it WAS awful nice out. Sure ain't like that now.

When all this dies down, could I get one of the Heavies to help me out carryin' somethin'? I'll explain what all it's for as we go.


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