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christ almighty. What the hell happened last night? Woke up this mornin' freezin' my ass off on the couch. Last thing I remember is headin' to the kitchen. Guess that was after that goddamn Scout...

... Shit.
Shit, shit, shit. That's right...

The hell was I thinkin'? I ought to've punched that little bastard straight in the mouth for sayin' that stuff. 'F Heavy hadn' taken care of it already - but the little shit still couldn' shut his damn mouth. Jesus...

...Thought I was bein' sportsmanlike. Obvious that idiot didn' know what the hell he was sayin' anymore. S'a shameful thing, hittin' a fella when he's down. Well, he knew what he was sayin' well enough, 'n it's pretty goddamn apparent he didn't get hit hard enough the first time.

Thing is, I should've known that 'n showed him a thing or two about respect. 'Stead I just buckled. Must be the stress. Too goddamn tired anymore to put up with this shit.

No excuses, though. Don't change nothin'. I acted like a goddamn pussy, 'n I got fucked like one. S'how it works.


The hell do I do now?

Guess there's nothin' I can do, really. Make things worse for myself 'f I make a fuss over it.

But by God, 'f I ever catch that stupid kid runnin' his mouth off like that again... swear to Christ I'll break his goddamn legs.


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