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Hey buddy,

Got some bad news to tell you. Looks like that Riley BLU Sniper of yours went 'n told a bunch of his friends about ... y'know. That whole thing. So, I guess I figure the whole base's caught wind of it by now. Not sure I'll ever catch the end of it myself. Be awful glad to get outta here come March. I still ain't had word back from the company, but I got somebody on the case -- hopin' it just got mixed up, same as with your letters. Haven't got a single one of them since I left your place. Hope everything's well over there.

Uh, anyhow -- I got a confession to make, and it's something I ain't exactly proud to admit, s'pecially to you. Once I heard tell Ril Sniper'd leaked all that all over town, I ... well, I done somethin' I haven't done in a while. Namely, locked myself in the shop and set myself up with just about enough of what I had stored away to keep consciousness at bay. Like I said, I ain't proud of that. Know you've got better things to worry about than havin' some crotchety old drunk on your hands, 'specially if I'm gonna be settlin' down with (or near) your family for a spell. Hell, if I were you, I wouldn't wanna deal with me, either.

Times like these, I dunno what the hell it is you see in me as a business partner. You got a hell of a lot to give the world -- good family, wife, grandkids -- and I guess sometimes it seems to me I never did nothin' 'cept waste away whatever little time I was given. But, well... you and that shop mean the world to me, and I know I owe you a hell of a lot for placin' that kinda trust in me. And I guess I figure it's high time I paid a little of that back to you.

I'm gonna try 'n lay off the booze for good this time. Done it so many times before I know it ain't gonna be easy. But I got Doc to help me through it while I'm here, and I know I'd sooner rot here forever than put you through it. I don't want you seein' me like that -- hell, you'd be well within your rights callin' it all off if you did, and that's somethin' that don't bear thinkin' about. So, first thing I'm doin' before I leave here is try and see if Doc's got what it takes to help me.

Shit -- I gotta go, there's the siren. Keep the place decent for me. I'll be along soon.

Your pal,

Jaso RED Engineer

Date: 2010-03-21 06:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hey buddy

I hope this one gets through. Do I need to come down and get you? Yes, I'm serious. Someone needs to punch that cockass Sniper in the face and if it aint you its gonna be me. For that matter, you need a good punch to the nose, too. What the hell're you thinking? You've done this before and you know where that got you. Put the goddamn booze down or I'm coming down to make you. Strictly business here, our shop's gonna need a sober mechanic, and the sooner you get yourself straight the sooner we're in business. On the personal side—shit, Jace. You're scaring the hell out of me acting out like this. Have you forgotten that you

Look, I need you stay safe for me. You're killing me when you're over there killing yourself. If you need me to come and get you, I will, and if you need me to wait for you, I'll do that. And don't you forget that you're mine that you're my best pal and I'm not about to let you get away again.

If this letter gets through, Merle and Abby send their love. I guess they still do even if the letter doesn't get through. Little Bobby's keeping Merle and Jen busy and perpetually sleepless, but they've done gone silly over the kid. Abby too. Guess I have to be the strict one here! Mean ol' granddad BLU—I can hear it now.

Get back to me when you can. You've got me worried sick about you. Come home soon, okay?

[a scrawl that might read "Richard Bennett"]


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