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Mar. 31st, 2010 01:27 am
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Figure you all musta saw it by now, but there's a postcard come in from Pyro I found out in the mail today. Stuck it out in the common room for you all to look at. Sounds like she's havin' a good time back home, anyhow.

Uh... not much else to say, I guess. This comin' Easter Sunday I'll've been out here a year solid. Not real sure what to think of that. Time's just flew by, what with one thing 'n another, but I met some awful nice people this whole while. Got pretty handy with the ol' Uhlman, too. Never figured myself for a team kinda guy, but ... well. Listen there, guess I'm gettin' sentimental in my old age. Anyway.

Guess what I'm tryin' to say is, it sure has been mighty fine serving with you folks.

... 'Course, it'd be quite a bit finer if we could, y'know, win every once in a while.

((OOC note: Matt the Pyro tells me he really IS having a good old time in Japan, and requested I inform you all as to how you can find out exactly how good a time he's having. Click that link there to read up on some of his adventures.))


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