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RED Engineer doesn't have many personal possessions, but I thought I'd share what I had in the way of a photo post, anyway.

RED's shop. For a larger view of the layout, click the image. Everything is labeled where it sits - the label on the left that got over-light is supposed to read "misc. other equip. n tarpalins [sic]."

it was sort of to scale but I am not as good at these things as RED is.

He's got a drawerful of these little guys. This particular pair of them are from his school science fair. The miniature cyclotron he built for that second one went over particularly well.

This's Buttercup, the cat he had at his previous residence in Tennessee while working for Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He had to leave her with the landlady when he took the job with R.E.D., and he occasionally drops her a line to make certain she's all right. (The cat, not the landlady. Although I'm sure he'd be sad if the landlady was not all right, too.)

In the bottom left drawer of his desk, underneath the binders full of his thesis projects, there's a small, well-thumbed yearbook. This's the front cover.

The spine is creased to hell on this page, and this particular photo is circled. Lightly in pencil, of course. He's not in the habit of defacing his possessions.

And lest we forget: BABY CHICKS HOLY SHIT
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