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Looks like that damn network finally budged 'n let me in. 'Bout time -- on'y been here for nigh-on half a year. Not even sure folks use this thing anymore by th'looks of things. Guess things sure do change.

Ah well. Anyhow.

Howdy, folks. 'M the RED Engineer, for those've you haven't had th'dubious pleasure of makin' my acquaintance yet. Workin' on my third year with the company now. You all need anything, you can come find me in the Dry Goods shop next t'the barracks.

I been thinkin' lately that it might behoove us to take a slightly more organized approach t'the community robot watch. Noticed a couple people runnin' themselves ragged on late-night shift, 'n I'm pretty exhausted myself doin' double duty with Soldier over on BLU. Anybody up for settin' up some kinda roster? Jus' give a holler as to what time you prefer keepin' vigil on the tank 'n I c'n set up a schedule if you folks're interested.

Other'n that, not much t'report. Guess I oughta log off 'n see if anybody checks these memos anymore. You all need anything repaired or what have you, stop on by. Bark's worse'n my bite, promise.
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Hey fellas,

I guess I been out here a long time now. Seen just about the whole team come 'n go. Had the time of my life bein' out here for a while, but... shit. This place ain't the same anymore. Just about all the fellas I signed up with've gone on home already. Guess it was only a matter of time 'fore I joined 'em, too.

'Fore I go, though, I got a couple things to say.

First off. I'm real sorry 'bout goin' missin' the past couple weeks. Wound up callin' myself in to the hospital. Guess between my, uh... well, anyhow, seems that heart condition I had earlier, the one that went away? Didn't actually go away after all.

The Doc up at Liberty Memorial took some kinda samples or x-rays or somethin'. Forget what all he said. Gist of it is, one of my valves got all busted up, 'n now I guess the whole thing's swellin' up. S'pose all this drinkin' I been doin' after hours hasn't helped much.

Guess that explains all that, anyhow. Hadn't been keepin' up too well for a while now. Guess I could blame the staff changes, or the booze, but, well. Excusin' the saying, my heart hasn't been in all this for a good long while. Guess it mighta been back when all those folks left end of September, or... hell, who'm I kiddin'.

I'm real sorry 'bout takin' off quick like this, but I got most of my things packed up the past couple weeks. Figure I'll take ol' Demo's cat with me — I ain't got the heart to leave another animal behind like that, 'n ol' Meggie's a sweetheart. Gettin' older, too, same's me.

Them chickens're all grown up — been scratchin' out in the yard for a couple weeks now. Guess it'll be up to you folks to look after 'em. And the yard. And... hell, all of it. I'm real sorry.

Anyhow, uh... guess that's it. It's sure been a fine pleasure working with you folks. Most fun I've had in years, 'n all things considered, that's really sayin' something. Know I haven't talked to a lot of you much, but you seem like real good people. 'M sure you'll do the company name proud.

Take care, 'n if you wanna stop by 'fore I head off home, feel free to. Ain't gonna be hangin' around long, mind you. Got a garage waitin' on me out there, 'n while it ain't got my name on it per se, I know I'm not about to keep that business partner of mine waitin' any longer than he has to. I'll try and drop you folks a postcard if the company lets the thing get through.

You ever find yourself stranded out Austin way, you give us a ring.

Jason W.
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Shit, when the hell'd all these people get sent home? Y'figure somebody coulda stopped by 'n let me know, anyhow.

Uh... anyway. Guess it's partly my own damn fault. Haven' checked this damn thing in ages. Been, um... workin' a lot the past couple evenings. New theorum. Wouldn' wanna bore you fellas with the details.

Anyhow, I hear tell among these new recruits we got a Medic who can do somethin' 'sides colorin'. 'Least that's one less thing I gotta put up with. Might have to stop by the ward some night, see how it's changed.

'Sides that I got nothin' new to report. Them little baby chickens're about drivin' me up the wall, but they're gettin' awful big awful fast -- oughta be gettin' their feathers pretty soon.

Actually, there is the one thing: any of you all seen Spy? I been meanin' to ask him a couple things.

That's all.
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RED Engineer doesn't have many personal possessions, but I thought I'd share what I had in the way of a photo post, anyway.

just odds and ends. )
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Well, it's Spring again, all right, 'n you all know what that means. Them hens ol' Scout left behind've been awful busy. Looks like we got ourselves a brand-new passel of baby chicks. I went 'n stuck 'em under a heat lamp in the shop; Demo's ol' cat ain't too happy about that, she's out in the yard. Damn things're peepin' their fool heads off day in 'n day out. As if I didn' have enough trouble gettin' to sleep at night out here.

'F you all wanna stop by 'n take a gander at the little varmints, you're welcome to it. Jus' be careful what you wear if you're on our side 'less you want yourself gettin' pecked at. Seems they're awful partial to bright colors, s'pecially red.

One other thing -- I'm missin' a couple blueprints I had lyin' around. Nothin' too special, just design ideas. Prob'ly half of 'em weren't even physically possible, but... well. You see anything, give a yell.

one year

Mar. 31st, 2010 01:27 am
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Figure you all musta saw it by now, but there's a postcard come in from Pyro I found out in the mail today. Stuck it out in the common room for you all to look at. Sounds like she's havin' a good time back home, anyhow.

Uh... not much else to say, I guess. This comin' Easter Sunday I'll've been out here a year solid. Not real sure what to think of that. Time's just flew by, what with one thing 'n another, but I met some awful nice people this whole while. Got pretty handy with the ol' Uhlman, too. Never figured myself for a team kinda guy, but ... well. Listen there, guess I'm gettin' sentimental in my old age. Anyway.

Guess what I'm tryin' to say is, it sure has been mighty fine serving with you folks.

... 'Course, it'd be quite a bit finer if we could, y'know, win every once in a while.

((OOC note: Matt the Pyro tells me he really IS having a good old time in Japan, and requested I inform you all as to how you can find out exactly how good a time he's having. Click that link there to read up on some of his adventures.))
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Change of plan, fellas. Looks like one of these ideas of mine's gonna need a little last-minute tweaking. Don't expect I'll have much time for company the next couple days, but Heavy, 'f you'd like to get together sometime, Friday or Saturday'll work. Drop by the shop sometime around then.

((OOC: Jesus Christ I have to do two essays by Friday please take me out back and shoot me at your earliest convenience))
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... Well, it WAS awful nice out. Sure ain't like that now.

When all this dies down, could I get one of the Heavies to help me out carryin' somethin'? I'll explain what all it's for as we go.
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Been so damn nice out lately it seems like a hell of a shame to stay inside. Guess it's a good thing that vacation of Pyro's necessitated a little grill session earlier. I left a couple of packets of leftovers in the common room fridge in case you all want some—s'pose I figured the smell'd carry 'n attract more people than it did, so there's quite a bit left over. Nothin' fancy, jus' hot dogs 'n hamburgers—figured everything'll be plenty fancy enough over where Py's goin' anyway.

I gotta ask—anybody seen Sniper lately? I ain't heard or seen a whiff of him for days, 'n I just headed up to the loft to find the place about as barren as it gets. Guess he went on a walk or somethin'—come to think of it, I ain't heard those coyotes of his barkin' either. Shit.

I'd like to think I'm above stealin' a fellow's truck while he ain't around to say so, but 'f anybody else's got some other way into town, I'd love to hear tell of it. Startin' to get down to the wire here. 'Bout ready to stick a saddle on the cat.

[EDIT: And 'fore you all start gettin' any smart ideas about that chopper of Demo's, that ain't an option, either. Damn near forgot about him askin' me to fix the thing, 'n here it looks like he went 'n got himself in trouble with the administration 'fore I could get to it. 'Sides, I checked it out earlier, 'n I can't seem to find the parts I'd need to fix the ol' warbird without lookin' outta state. S'an awful shame; for a military vehicle, she sure had a hell of a smooth ride. Not much more'n a hunk of junk now.]
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Sorry 'bout that, everybody. Know you all've prob'ly been wondering where I got to this past week. Just... don't even ask about it. Not in the mood to think about it much.

Speakin' of not thinkin', I ain't usually one to bring this up here, but R.E.D. performance's been piss-poor lately, 'n I'd dearly love to know why. We've been here long enough now the sun gettin' in our eyes ain't much of an excuse. Seems to me Builders' League's been workin' together pretty well lately, 'n the difference only gets wider every day. Figure we oughta start talkin' this over sometime soon. Same old tactics ain't gonna work forever.

Uh, last thing - Sniper, I got a request that necessitates you and your truck. Think you'd be up for a trip into town sometime?
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postal delays are terrible this month. )


Feb. 1st, 2010 07:53 pm
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Looks like I finally got myself let go this afternoon. Hadn't hardly set my luggage down from vacation when I got in some kinda run-in with one of the BLUs. Don't feel much like goin' into it. Sorry 'bout that, anyhow. Sure as hell didn' mean to get myself laid up that long. Won't happen again.

'Sides that... well, 's been about a month into my birthday. Time's sneakin' up on me anymore. Guess I figured there mighta been some kinda correspondence from home on the subject, but I just got done checkin'. Not even a pay stub in there.

Eh well. Guess I got work to do, anyhow. 'F you happen to to stop by, knock first.
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Damn near forgot about this thing. I been back in town for a couple days now. Doc, ol' BLU sent over somethin' for ya - "one great big bear hug," says right here - I'll just, uh, drop off the card at your place, figure you can self-administer that all right or somethin'.

Sent in a letter to R.E.D. today askin' when the hell my contract's up. Ain't heard word in months, 'n I checked with the bank - they haven't gotten my paychecks in since late last October. Figure somethin's probably up.

Uh, other'n that, happy New Year, I guess. Abby sent over cookies. Left 'em under the tree for you all. Try 'n leave some for everybody else; might not look like it, but there's a finite number, I assure you. Also 'f you're allergic to peanuts, eggs or milk I'm afraid you're fresh outta luck; other'n that, go for it.
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Well, fellas, I figure I've done just about all the damage I can do to the place as far as weatherproofing goes, so I'm headin' out to catch the train. Hear tell it's fixin' to blizzard back home, so I guess I oughta try 'n beat it as best I can.
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Sorry 'bout all that, fellas. Been just about runnin' myself ragged 'round here lately. What with winter comin' on in earnest now, an' the state of this building's plumbing bein' what it is... well, I'm sure you can guess. Found the basement flooded last week, 'n I've just about had my work cut out for me since then makin' sure we don't got a real disaster on our hands.

S'a wonder I ain't breathin' out fiberglass by now. Always hated that stuff.

Uh, anyhow, in some slightly more positive news - one of those letters from our ol' BLU Engineer finally made it through the other day. Censors tore it all to hell, naturally, but from what I can tell, looks like he's doin' just fine back in Bee Cave. 'F they give us any kinda time off for the holiday I might just stop by 'n see how he's doin'.

((trans: finals x_x they are over after monday, pray that I survive to see that blessed day))
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Got a funny feelin' I been havin' the strangest dreams lately. Not to imply I remember much of 'em. I never do dream at all anyhow; guess I never developed much've a knack for it. But I dunno how else to say it ... just keep wakin' up lately and feelin' weird, like there's somethin' I oughta be rememberin' that's important.

Uh, anyhow. Think I'm makin' a little headway on some of this stuff I got planned. Tom, you mind payin' me a visit sometime? I oughta run some of this by you, anyhow, see if you figure it's plausible.


Nov. 29th, 2009 11:43 pm
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Don't hardly have time to sit down anymore, let alone write in this old thing. What with that Medic of ours barricadin' himself in the ward 'n refusin' to leave, battles're gonna be hell on earth to manage from here on out. On top of that, I got a couple projects I'm workin' on off-hours that represent a pretty significant investment of time in an' of themselves. 'F this idea I got pays off... shit, I could be lookin' at another couple doctorates, for all the work I'm doin'. Just have to see where that all leads.

So, yeah... sorry to say I most likely won't be seein' a whole lot of ya outside of the workin' hours for the next couple weeks. Ain't for lack of intention, trust me. Just gotta regenerate some of this energy expenditure, 'n I ain't the type that goes socializin' in order to do that. Y'can still stop by if you want, of course, but don't take it too personal if I'm not up to talkin' much.
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