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Well, Tom dropped by the other day 'n picked up Sunny. Fairly painless process, all in all. I kinda miss the little fella - 'least he knew how to shut his mouth once in a while. Scout or Doc, 'f one of ya wants to stop by 'n get this other fool kitten outta my sight, you just let me know.

I keep tryin' to sit down and write a letter to ol' BLU, let him know how things're goin' now he's gone, but somethin' stops me every damn time I get there. Guess it must just be nerves. He hasn' written back from that last one I sent his way, and I figured he was just busy. S'been about two weeks now, though. Guess I can't help but worry somethin' mighta happened to him. Or the letter, for that matter, considerin' the unreliability of the delivery system out here.

Lessee, what else? Leonid meteor shower was set to start up a couple days ago. I figured on account of it bein' so clear all the way out here I'd set myself an alarm an' have a shot at takin' in whatever there was to see. So I go an' drag myself outta bed at 0400, and what do I catch up there in the sky? Not a single goddamn thing, that's what. Guess that's what I get for puttin' forth all that effort.

That about covers it, I'd say. I oughta get out of this damn shop. Startin' to feel cooped up like this. Too early in the year for cabin fever to set in.
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Who: RED Engineer and ... an old friend?
Where: RED's shop
When: Night of November 18, quite a while after Demoman left
What: RED's really got to quit drinking so much.
Notes: This should be assumed to occur purely in RED's head, subsequent to his passing out for the evening.

It's not gonna make it any easier, but it's something. )
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Hey Pyro, just to give ya a heads-up - seems we got ourselves a whole passel of BLUs creepin' around here lately. Might have to mix up some of those patrols. I'll look into figurin' a couple additional security methods, too.
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Sorry I ain't been too social this week, fellas. Had a couple things settin' heavy on my mind. Used the time to get some of these schematics finalized, though. Sniper, you mind loanin' me Ace for a little while? I got a couple things to test out. Shouldn' hurt him none, assumin' everything works according to specifications.

On a tangentially-related note, that whiskey I had saved up in the RED team 'fridge seems to've gone missin'. Anybody know who mighta taken it? I was kinda hopin' to, uh, save it for a special occasion. Guess it serves me right for keepin' it out there, but the damn thing wouldn' fit in the cooler.

Also, now that you fellas are back from vacation, would some of ya be interested in takin' in these kittens I got crawlin' around the shop? There's jus' the two of 'em and Mega - their eyes're open 'n all, so I figure they oughta be good to leave Mom by now. Not that I mind keepin' the little varmints, but they ain't exactly conducive to a clean orderly work environment. Things're sheddin' somethin' awful.

S'all for now.
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All right, fellas, come clean - which one of you left all these damn pumpkins lyin' around? Here I go to step outside for a sec and one of the darn things explodes all over me. I understand we got a holiday fast approaching, but ... well, y'know what they say about havin' too much of a good thing. And I ain't talkin' about Halloween candy.

Seems to be some kinda electrical grid malfunction goin' on, too. Lights keep goin' out in patches for some reason. I'll try and make it down to the breakers once they call it quits for the day. Oughta be able to see what's goin' on once I give those a once-over.
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Comin' up close on this deadline for gettin' back to work, here. Seems like two weeks of sittin' around coulda done me a little more good. I gotta hand it to Scout's mutt, though - little fella sure does try and earn its keep. No idea who trained the damn thing to fetch like that. Kinda gives me a couple ideas I might be willin' to try...

I hear tell there's some kinda administrative unrest brewin'. Not sure what all that's about either. Might get a little less quiet around here in days to come. I sure wonder if I'll be around here to see it when it happens.

One last thing... Doc, you mind sneakin' over here one of these nights? Think I owe you a chat, an' I'm not real sure I can hack a stealth job after quitting time.

That's all.
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You would never in your life believe how goddamn tiring sittin' around on your ass gets to be. I got two weeks off from R.E.D. to try and kick whatever the hell this is I've got, but it sure as hell seems to be turnin' out a curse rather than a blessing. Never felt so damn useless in my life before. Hell, it's a struggle just gettin' outta bed most days, although whether that's from the fatigue or the boredom's up for some debate.

Keep tryin' to think if there's somethin' I can do to make myself useful out there. I got a couple ideas I'm kickin' around, but nothin's shapin' up yet. Gimme a while to sort it all out.

Oh, and BLU Scout, 'f you happen to've misplaced that fool animal you took in a couple months ago, don't you worry. He's over here for some reason. Kept hearin' this weird sound at night, so I opened the door and there the damn thing was, cringin' away. He still won't let me touch 'im, but I put out some water and food for the poor fella. You been feedin' him lately? Maybe that's your trouble right there - I know it's easy to forget.

Lessee, what else? Demo's cat's been spendin' some time over here too. Damn fool thing dropped her kittens in an old tire outside. I keep meanin' to try and scare her away, but there ain't much to do about it until they clear out. Guess she ain't much trouble - it's them kittens producin' most of the cacophony at this point. There's only the two of 'em, just a little tortoiseshell 'n a tabby, but Lord, they got a pair of lungs between the two of 'em.

Come to think of it, weren't a couple of you fellas interested in adoption? I guess you all shouldn't try and take 'em until their eyes open up - shouldn't be more'n a couple weeks now. Feel free to stop on by if you wanna take a peek at the little varmints.

S'pose that's all I got for you today.
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Sorry there, fellas. Know I haven' touched this thing in forever. It ain't much like me doin' that, either, but... well. Hope y'all forgive me for it.

More equipment's failin' left and right lately, and it's about all I can handle keepin' track of it all. Good thing I finally pushed forward on that project for Demo. My portion of it's all done; just a matter of installation now. Ain't had no time lately to head out with everything else bein' the way it is. Guess it don't matter too much.

... Truth be told, I'm startin' to get worried about this all. I been laggin' behind everybody. Sure you all noticed. I just get so damn tired so easy lately. At first I figured it was just me not gettin' enough shuteye or somethin', but it's gettin' so bad anymore I can barely even walk without gettin' winded. Feel like somethin' awful's gonna happen any second now.

I never was one for seekin' medical assistance, but if I can catch the Doc around, maybe he'd have some clue what's up with me. 'F it keeps up bein' like this, I don't know how much longer I can work here. Already requested sick leave, but I hate just leavin' the team high and dry, s'pecially with Sniper 'n Spy gone.

Well, guess we'll just have to see what Medic says. Hope to hell it's nothing serious.

One last thing. I, uh... never was a prayin' man, myself, but if you fellas are, I'd humbly request that you utilize that particular expertise on my behalf. Seems like lately I need all the help I can get.
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While I was back home, I figured I'd stop by the storage unit, see what there was to see of my old possessions. Found a couple more old notebooks of mine, some of my first papers... lot of memories in those boxes. I brought a couple of the choicest pieces of literature back with me, and ... whoo. Well. Forgot I knew half this stuff, but it's comin' back to me lickety-split right now. Nice to think some quiet corner in my brain's still shelterin' all these concepts I used to play with to pass the time. Might've been lonely years, some of 'em, but that don't mean I didn't enjoy myself out there.

In other news, looks like that hardware failure just keeps goin'. Sorry for that, Sniper - swear I didn' mean to get you stuck in that teleporter. Seems there was some kinda glitch in the power supply. I'll have to check it out after I get done puttin' the last couple touches on this other project I'm workin' on...
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Damn. Really got outta the habit there, didn' I?

Had to duck out there for a while back last week - seems my aunt passed away. Never did have occasion to figure I'd need to take a trip like that... well, anyhow, if you all were wonderin' about the clutter 'round the shop, that'd be why. I oughta get it all sorted out here in the next couple days.

'Course, if it ain't one thing it's another - I get back here and all of a sudden all my equipment's dyin' on me. Lost two sentries already this week just to mechanical failure - first had some kinda intermittent short in the circuitry, had to gut it to salvage much of anything from the damn thing, and now there's that other one from today. I'd blame the humidity, but out here it ain't doin' much. Guess they just don't make these things like they used to.

Then again, there's always sabotage. Taking into account the heterodox predilection of some people to stick their darned nose in places they don't belong... wouldn't be surprised. I'll be keepin' a close eye out, anyhow.

That's all I got for ya today. Haven't been around much in the evenings lately—got a special project I'm workin' on for Demo that keeps me busy. Still, 'f you manage to catch me around base, don't hold yourself back. I, uh, might not be the most flawless conversationalist, but I can listen all right, even considerin' the occupational noise exposure we get around here.
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I've been headed outside the past couple nights, lookin' at the show. The Perseid meteor shower's just taperin' off. Sure is a fine sight all the way out here. Brings back an awful lot of memories.

Sent off that letter to my landlady yesterday. Figure I might get started on another one here pretty soon. Took me a couple months to really solidify the concepts I had in mind to discuss, but it's gotta be done.

I guess that's just how it goes. Takes people a while to work it all out sometimes. No point fussin' over it after all. Wasn't ever anything personal.

S'pose I'll head back outside. Sun'll be down again soon.
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S'been a slow week down here at base. Job's the same as it ever is, 'f course. Still, after hours sometime, s'like I'm the only one out here, y'know? Got in a little scuffle with that Soldier BLU team's got - nothin' personal, jus' blowin' off steam, Doc got 'im good before much happened. Other'n that it's been downright dull. Makes a fella wish somethin' out of the ordinary would happen, just for a change.

Well, personal intrigue aside, guess no news is good news.

Something kinda strange rolled up on my stoop today, though, and for once it ain't another dead mouse. (Demo, honestly, this's just gettin' vaguely nauseatin' at this point - I damn near stepped in the last one.) A whole box showed up full of... well, hats. Ten-gallon hats and top hats and bowlers and even one of them little affairs you can stick the cans in to drink out of.

I ain't got use for much of 'em... anybody wanna stop by and pick a couple out? Heavy, I saw a big ol' fur one looks like it's got your name written all over it, but other'n that I'd say it's first come first serve. (Don't be greedy, now.)
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